• Military Family Support Trust - Administrator

    Posted: 09/19/2022

    Role and Responsibilities

    The MFST Administrator provides day-to-day administrative detail involved in planning, coordinating, supervising, monitoring, and evaluating the operations of all areas of Project and Business implementation, finance & accounting, budgeting, property management, and personnel administration functions. Compiles data and composes program narratives, reports, and statistics for major budget and funding proposals. Prepares Project Committee reports and Board of Trustees reports. Reports directly to the Chair of the MFST Board with performance oversite by the MFST Executive Committee.
    • Assume overall responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the MFST organization
    • Represents the MFST Organization at public relations functions
    • Be responsible for communicating effectively with the MFST Board and providing all information necessary for the Board to function properly and make informed decisions
    • Implement MFST Board administrative and financial directives, policies and resolutions
    • Establish and maintain relationships with various organizations and utilize those relationships to strategically enhance the MFST Mission
    • Engage with Business Development Manager to support fundraising and development of existing and new sources of revenues for MFST
    • Engage with the Office Manager to support designated office functions, payroll, Project implementation, QuickBooks data entry and reconciliation, and issuance of payments according to the approved budgets and expenses of the organization
    • Specific Administration functions including but not limited to:
      • Make bank deposits and reconcile bank statements
      • Maintain MFST Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for donation recording and disbursements
      • Reconcile budgets with source of funding for each Project
      • Send monthly financial statements to accountant
      • Maintain records of investment income
      • Cover for Office Manager and Business Development Manager when not present
      • Be proficient with Word, Excel, Outlook, QuickBooks and MFST CRM tool
    • Work with the Finance Committee Chair and Treasurer to develop resources and processes sufficient to ensure the financial health and compliance of MFST, with a special emphasis on implementing appropriate Charity Rating agencies’ best practices
      • In conjunction with the Treasurer and CPA, comply with State and IRC 501 (c) (3) organization reports and filings
      • Liaison with Bank of Tampa for funds on deposit for investment income
      • Liaison with the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay

    Qualifications and Education Requirements

    • Knowledge of and passion for Military Family Support Advocacy, Community and Business Engagements
    • 2+ years of Administration, Business Development and Fundraising with a nonprofit organization
    • Proficient in requirements and operations of a Non-Profit organization, management, public relations, public speaking, fundraising and business development
    • Strong organization, prioritization, analytical, and problem-solving skills to effectively manage areas of responsibility and attain goals

    Preferred Skills

    • Strong communication skills (written, verbal and interpersonal skills) to interact effectively with, MFST Executive Committee Members, MFST Board of Trustees, MFST Staff, Individual Donors and Business Donors, and guide Staff in planning and managing Appreciation and Fundraising Events
    • Be proficient with Word, Excel, Outlook, QuickBooks and CRM management
    • This role has a high degree of creative freedom for conceptualizing, developing, and facilitating new MFST policies and procedures, as well as fostering relationships and contributions for the implementation of projects, donations, grants, and events

    Additional Notes

    • Administrator must possess and maintain reliable transportation and be willing to drive to meetings and events throughout the Tampa Bay Marketplace
    • Administrator will be reimbursed for documented expenses within the policies and procedures of MFST
    • Administrator must possess and maintain a reliable cell phone for communications
    • MFST will provide an appropriate cell phone allowance each month
    *See full job description on our website under careers tab