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    About Us

    The only thing we take serious is our BBQ.

    From your very first contact with us until the second you wipe the last bit of BBQ off of your chin, we want you to have fun.

    Since BubbaQue's BBQ was founded by ''rednecks'' in a redneck environment, we parody all things in that rural southern environment. It is truly meant as a compliment to that great southern hospitality---and good cooking as well.

    BubbaQue's BBQ only smokes the very best cuts of pork, beef and chicken. All of the side dishes are made fresh every day using the best old southern ingredients and recipes.
    The story of Bubbaque’s goes way back to the 1950’s. A young couple, Ethel and Jed gave birth to their only child—Bubba. We all are pertty sure that aint his real name, but thats all we called him. Being, Bubbas favorite cousin and all, Bubba and I fished, hunted and schooled together. Aunt Ethel only had one sister and my mama wasn’t her ‘n Uncle Jed had two brothers –neither was my Pa. Some how, though, me and Bubba had lots of aunts, uncles and cousins.

    Aunt Ethel splained to me and Bubba that’s how we make friends here. You invite nice folks over for some real good food, fun and laughs---and they becomes family. Every Sunday at Bubba’s house there was always some real nice folks, pertty girls (that I can’t kiss ona count theys my cousin) and a big picher of sweet tea. But man we had fun. What really made them days speshul was the barbeque.

    Rep/Contact Info

    Tarek Kazbour