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    Healthy Bodies Medical Dental Center is center with the purpose of optimizing your body and smile. We believe that your oral and physical state are important to your health, happiness and family life. Your health can be better optimized with our personalized attention to your needs and desires.

    To support our purpose Healthy Bodies Medical Dental Center based its approach to providing superior medical and dental care around discovering you. After discovering you, we can develop a plan uniquely crafted for you to achieve your goals of optimizing your dental and medical well being. Let us add to your happiness by optimizing your health. You can use our medical and dental services separately or together for a comprehensive approach. See our list of services and come visit the office for more details.


    1 Dentist + 1 Physician= Your Healthy Body
    Values are Family, Health and Happiness
    Keeping you Healthy So You Can Enjoy LIfe!
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    Dr. Martha Ducatel
    Dr. Watson Ducatel
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