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    My philosphy of massage is that you can get good, personalized massage that is therapeutic, relaxing and effective WITHOUT being painful. There is no such thing as a ''spa hour'' here, you get every moment you are scheduled for in HANDS ON time, the time taken for paperwork & getting changed does not come out of your massage time. I can do this by scheduling plenty of times between appointments, so you don't feel rushed and neither does your therapist.

    Most people who visit me get the Quality Signature massage, which combines many different modalities into a single session. You may receive Swedish Massage to relax; Trigger Point/Neuromuscular to treat the knots and pain that life gives us; Massage Cupping, a vacutherapy technique for deeper work and Myofascial Release, which loosens the fascia that is the cobweb like structure that surrounds the muscles and organs in the body, like clothes. And just like clothing, if it is too tight, you have a limited range of motion; Myofascial Release is used to loosen the fascial ''clothes'' so the muscles can lengthen and better function is restored. If you know someone who could benefit from increased function and mobility - whether it is the golfer who wants better rotation in their swing or the friend who slept badly and can't turn their head.... this massage is going to help add some Quality to their Life today.

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    • Relaxation & Therapeutic Massage
    • Neuromuscular / Trigger Point Therapy for pain relief
    • Swedish Relaxation Massage to relieve stress in busy lives
    • FL Lic.# MA64365, MM33021


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