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    People often ask, what services SCS LLC. provides. Most expect the simple answer of home and lawn maintenance services, like trimming hedges, mowing, repairing door looks and cleaning windows. This, however, is just a short list of the services that we perform. But this is not what we provide, we provide honesty, integrity, punctuality, and transparency. In short, we are providers of trust. Trust that enables you the luxury of free time, the ability to travel, vacation or just simply spend more time with the family and friends. Trust that gives you, security, in knowing one of your greatest investments is maintained with the same detail and passion as if you were doing it yourself. As we all know things today are not built like they were, once upon a time, which is why having a trusted service provider is necessary, in today’s fast paced, high demand world. Let’s move forward, so we can provide you with the trust you deserve.


    Transparency its what you should expect from a service provider
    Vinyl, laminate or linoleum we have you covered.
    Mulching services, lets just say your "barking" up the right tree
    Blinds, curtains and accessories, you choose them we install them.
    Simple gate and fence repairs or full removal and replacement. You decide we deliver.
    Residential lawn maintenance, we have a package that fits you.
    Fascia damaging clogged gutters, no worries, we clean them out and take the debris with us.
    Screen replacement for full enclosures or the lonely single window.
    Grime stuck on your home, let us help you take it off.
    Interior door repair or replacement. Either way, we can get them back on track for you.
    GIBMP certified maintenance techs
    Pressure Washing, we perform best when its on.
    Pattern paver installation.
    Baby Tamp... Do do da ta do, baby, tamp...
    A gift of free time. What more could a person ask for.
    Fence install with footer board. We keep it level... Real level.
    The only laps that you don't have to run for... but will give you added privacy.
    We are like barbers, but for your lawn... Just a little off the top is all that is needed.

    Rep/Contact Info

    Jushua Bartlett