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  • 5 Steps to Start a Successful Sustainable Venture

    Are you thinking of becoming an ecopreneur and launching a green business that will help our planet while providing a solid income for you and your family? If so, there are five major steps you need to take in order to turn your new company into a profitable venture. Take a look at the below rundown of actionable strategies that will grow your green idea into commercial and financial success.


    Registering as an LLC


    Properly registered and filing for LLC status are essential steps to ensuring the success of your venture. While registering LLCs varies from state to state, the LLC benefits remain fairly consistent: an LLC status protects members from personal liability for business debts, allows them to make decisions without having to worry about laws involving corporations, and most importantly, grants a greater degree of credibility when you are able to showcase an LLC as part of your official title or credentials. 


    Funding Your New Business


    Small business owners can self-fund their new ventures by tapping into their savings. But if you need a large sum of money to purchase expensive equipment, machinery, and supplies to get your company off the ground, you can turn to friends and family members, and share your business plan with them. They may be interested in helping finance an eco-friendly business and will be eager to see you succeed. 


    Crowdfunding is also becoming an increasingly popular option to launch a business, and you can attract many potential investors by touting the sustainability, carbon-neutrality, and ecological benefits that your company will bring to the planet. Additionally, small business loans are available through financial institutions and through the SBA, and you can even apply for grants specially earmarked for green businesses.


    Marketing Your Eco-Friendly Business


    A professional website is a must for businesses of all sizes, so make sure you design one that reflects your environmentally-friendly values. Pair it with your social media accounts and add clear call-to-action buttons on your pages that will lead visitors to your products. Additionally, a text alert system will help you stay in touch with your audience and inform them of your latest promos and specials. You can also use this mobile technology to keep them in the loop in case you change your days and hours of business, bad weather prevents you from opening your store, or share other last-minute announcements. 


    Creating Informative Content to Promote Your Green Business


    Building trust and credibility with your target audience can be achieved via engaging posts on your social media channels. Look for inspiration from other eco-companies like Patagonia, a clothing company that supports thousands of non-profit organizations every year; Seventh Generation, a corporation that makes cleaning products and is dedicated to climate justice and equity; or Barkhouse, a construction company that exclusively uses safe and healthy materials for their projects. 


    Visit their websites and follow them on social media to find out what type of content gets the most clicks and interactions with customers, then come up with blog posts and short videos to promote your own products. Strive to be informative as well as memorable and entertaining.


    Digitizing Business Contracts


    Digitizing contracts can offer many benefits, including improved security and confidentiality, greater accessibility, faster processing times, and cost savings. Additionally, digital contracts are eco-friendly and can be easily shared and signed electronically, reducing the need for time consuming and expensive manual processes. If you want to create a signable contract, you can use this PDF filler which allows signatories to e-sign.


    Launching a green business is no small feat. It takes time, care, and creativity to craft a viable business strategy in the context of sustainability. For those who take the plunge, the rewards are real and tangible. Not only does a successful green business have the potential to benefit our environment, but it can also provide entrepreneurs with financial and personal satisfaction. Ultimately, if you are passionate about sustainability and have innovative ideas for making a profitable business out of helping the planet, then starting a green business may be precisely what you need. Follow the tips above to choose a business structure, digitize contracts, market your business effectively, and create informative content.


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