• GOOD News from The Mosaic Company

    Since the onset of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, Mosaic has responded both globally and locally to those that have been impacted.  Our mission remains clear – we help the world grow the food it needs – and food is greatly needed by many we see every day.  Mosaic is responding to the our neighbors’ needs during this unprecedented time. 


    At the pause of the NHL season, we were anticipating a total donation of about $70,000 that would be donated through our Goals for Food Program to our food bank partners.  However, knowing so many have been effected by COVID-19, we more than doubled that target to $200,000.  Please click here to learn more about the announcement that was made last week. It was also posted on our Facebook page, if you’d like to share it.  In this area Feeding Tampa Bay, Meals on Wheels of Tampa, United Food Bank & Service of Plant City, and Thomas Promise Foundation (Pasco) are participants in the program.  Also, in Hillsborough we are working with ECHO, which has been authorized to use an designated hurricane fund that was reallocated to respond to the emergency needs of our neighbors.


    We know that everyone is pulling together more during this time where we are asked to distance ourselves from each other. And we appreciate all that you are doing to ensure our neighbors and communities have the information and resources they need to get through this time of uncertainty.