• GRCC Hosts Rediscover, Innovate, Celebrate Munch & Mingle

    Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce Hosts
    Rediscover, Innovate, Celebrate Munch & Mingle
    On Tuesday, September 15th, Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce (GRCC) hosted their first Rediscover, Innovate, Celebrate Munch & Mingle at The Barn at Winthrop Town Centre. The goal of this innovative event was for the GRCC to dip their toes into hosting in-person events with smaller gatherings. Masks were required and social distancing was recommended. Hand sanitizer was available to all guests at all times and tables were spread 6 feet apart with 4 people at each table.
    This Munch & Mingle event was sponsored and catered by Datz Restaurant Group. GRCC welcomed 50 of their members into The Barn to host this safe & socially distant event. GRCC was honored to have in attendance, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office District 5, Major Anthony Collins, Captain Stacie Molina, and Deputy Cliff Fletcher.
    GRCC welcomed newly appointed Major Collins to speak to attendees. Major Collins introduced himself and talked about how the Riverview community is doing regarding crime as well as the growth Riverview is experiencing. Attendees had multiple questions concerning the increase in homelessness in the area. Major Collins educated members on what Hillsborough County has to offer to keep the residents safe and how to keep the community out of danger.
    GRCC Event Coordinator, Gabby Morford closed out the meeting by detailing all of the upcoming chamber events and thanking everyone for coming. The next Munch & Mingle is scheduled for Tuesday, October 13th at The Barn. If you wish to learn more about the Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce, visit www.RiverviewChamber.com call 813-234-5944, or email info@riverviewchamber.com.
    Photos made by Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce