• Local Mom and Business Woman Opens Sylvan Learning of Apollo Beach

    Sylvan Learning, a trusted name in supplemental education and tutoring options, now has a new center open in Apollo Beach to serve the growing South Hillsborough County and Southshore region of Tampa Bay. Center owner Dr. Vanity Barr-Little is excited to help area students in grades K-12 achieve new levels of academic success after her sons’ academic progress and confidence and grew from attending Sylvan. 
    Dr. Vanity Barr-Little, who has three boys, sought out academic support for her children during the last school year. An Air Force Veteran, owner of CNA Training and Testing Center, and a lifelong learner herself, she places a high value on education and the doors it can open. She wanted her children to continue, despite learning interruptions amidst COVID-19, feeling confident about learning. Barr-Little said she saw positive differences in her children after their experiences at Sylvan. "Academic confidence comes from mastery of academic skills,” Barr-Little stated, “and those were the biggest differences that my husband and I saw from them- the self-confidence that came from extra academic support.”
    One day after picking up her oldest son from his tutoring session, he told her, “Thank you, Mommy, for bringing me here, and I feel much better about the school next year.” His words moved her to bring the opportunity her children had to other children and families closer to home. Feeling inspired, she decided to open a Sylvan Center in the growing Riverview/Apollo Beach community.
    The latest education research shows many students are nine months to a year behind in their academics after the disruptions to their education routines, and they are at risk for a continued widening of that gap. As summer approaches, parents are also aware children are prone to some regression in skills while they are out of school for the summer break.
    Sylvan Learning of Apollo Beach will offer flexible services to help parents take the steps towards closing this year’s compounded “summer slide” gap and ensuring children enter the next school year primed for success. They are ready to help students grow their confidence, curiosity, subject mastery, and love for learning- all of which make an impactful difference in school and life.
    About Sylvan Learning of Apollo Beach:
    Sylvan Learning of Apollo Beach is focused on building academic confidence, igniting intellectual curiosity and inspiring a love for learning — all of which make a big impact in school and in life. Using a blend of 40 years of academic research and proven teaching experience, a personal approach to tutoring, and technology tools, it is their mission to help children achieve academic success. For more information on their center, call (813) 489-6397 or visit

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